Become a Knight

Thank you for your interest in the Knights of Columbus.

Membership is open to all Catholic gentlemen 18 and older. The Knights offer you the opportunity to strengthen your faith by giving service to others. The Knights were founded to help Catholic families and maintains that commitment.

Time is a precious commodity and we all find ourselves wishing we had more – or done more with the time we had. An established organization like the Knights of Columbus affords the opportunity to leverage what time you have available to be of more service to the community and your family. We understand that your time is limited, so we have opportunities for members to grow in their faith and serve others that are convenient for you.

The Lynn Knights have a building association, and you are welcome to join us in the Members’ quarters that are open on Tuesdays and Fridays from 7:00 – 11:00 PM and are accessible via the center door. Just say you are a guest of the District Deputy and are interested in learning more about the Knights.

You can also learn more about the knights on the national website and you can join online if you desire.

To learn more about the Lynn Knights of Columbus you can reach out to one of our council officers.

Grand Knight
Robert MacIsaac

Deputy Grand Knight
Matthew Harrington