GK Report November

Dear Brother Knights,

I hope all of you had a good October. I cannot believe it is already almost Thanksgiving. This year is just flying by. This past month we had our annual Tootsie Roll Drive. Thank you to all who participated and all who donated. It is a great cause because it supports children with special needs. This cause is near and dear to my heart, because I have a sister with a disability.

It would be impossible to shout out to all who helped as this would take too long. However, I want to recognize one person, our Knight of the Month PGK Larry Donahue. Thank you, Larry, for ordering the Tootsie Rolls and going out there and raising a bunch of money. Thank you to Patrice and PGK Fausto (Tito) Cabrera for putting on another great karaoke night. Another karaoke night will be scheduled shortly. We had another wonderful Italian Night. I love this event. Thanks Alan Labella always a great DJ.

Dues & Bulletin

In coming weeks, you will be receiving your dues notice. You will notice two differences from past notices. The first one is a raise of dues to $60. It’s only a ten-dollar difference from past years. This raise will help the council continue to offer one of the best programs in the state. If you ask around, we still have lower dues than many other fraternal organizations.

Also, you will have a letter inside your dues notice, asking for your updated contact information. We currently do not have the correct email address for many of our members. We hope to send out the bulletin through email in the future, to do this we need the correct contact information for all members. Please fill this out and send it back to us so we can update your information, so that you can get the bulletin when we transition to email. If you do not have an email address, please inform us. If we switch to an email-based bulletin, we can communicate faster and save money that could be used to run various council programs.

Upcoming Events

The Deceased Members Mass will be on November 12th. We will be honoring the Brother Knights we lost in the past year. If you are family of those Knights or if you want to pay respect let us know. It is a wonderful event that honors their memory. PGK Brian Magrane does a great job running this event.

Just an early reminder, the annual Christmas Craft Fair/ Kids Party is December 7th from 9am to 3pm. I already have a bunch of people reserving their tables as vendors but if you or anyone you know wants to be a vendor let me know at Robert. macisaac1@gmail.com. Also make sure you invite everyone, so that we have plenty of foot traffic for the vendors and kids for the Christmas party to take pictures with Santa. Also, the Ladies Auxiliary is having their annual Tailgate Party on December 8th. I hope to see you down there to cheer on the Patriots.

New Chancellor

Finally, I would like to thank Brother John Miner for becoming our new Chancellor. He will be a great addition to our officers. He already does so much at the council. So, if you see him, tell him congrats.

Fraternally Your,
GK Robert MacIsaac