Valladolid Council Serves at My Brothers Table

The last four months of 2019 saw Valladolid Council members, family and friends serving dinner at My Brothers Table in downtown Lynn on September 6, October 22, November 8 and December 16, marking a total of eight nights of service during 2019.   Some organizations serve every month, some less frequently…and there are smaller groups who work fifteen times or more a year.  So, for Valladolid Council’s role in participating we are someplace in the middle.  

As most of you know, the Table does not solicit or accept money from any city, state or federal program.  They are entirely funded by the kindness and generosity of countless individuals, businesses and organizations such as the Knights of Columbus here in Lynn. Towards that end of helping The Table meet their financial needs it is our council’s honor and pleasure to send along a check for $100.00 each month, or $1,200.00 for the year to support their mission.  

But even then, The Table counts so much on the generous donation of time and talent from individuals and groups who cook the meal, serve at the counter, clean up the dishes, pots and pans and more, each day of the year. For our part we at Valladolid have a faithful cadre of volunteers who help make things run smoothly for The Table. Here is a list of those from our council who have answered the call and have served once, twice, three times, or more in 2019.

GK Robert MacIsaac
Brother Peter MacIsaac
Elizabeth MacIsaac
PGK Larry Donahue
Kathy Donahue
Cory Donahue
PGK Frank Carrabba
PGK Frank Harrington
Brother Frank Burke
Brother Ed Ricciardelli
Peter Wladkowski
Joanne Wladkowski
Brother Ruel Longfellow
Ray Pelletier
Brother Raoul Simard
PGK Chris Kennedy
Brother Bill Pryor
PGK Michael Phelps
Brother Paul Feilteau
FS Michael Scarlata
David McCloud
Brother Bob Hartshorn
Donna Hartshorn
PGK Charlie Rowe
PGK Salvy Tavernese
PGK Fausto Cabrera
Connie Pacheco
PGK Donald Collins
PGK Danny Lemenager
Jack Gentleman
DGK Matthew Harrington
Brother Mike Gaynor
Brother John Miner
PGK Brian Magrane
Pam Magrane

I hope I have not missed a brother knight, spouse, or friend.  Let me know if I have done so.

Our next night of service is March 16.  

Respectfully Submitted,
PGK Brian Magrane