Valladolid Council Wake Service Needs Your Help

As members of a Catholic men’s organization, we are individually called upon to do much more than others. One thing we do – and we do well – is show respect for our deceased members.  We do so by arranging for a prayer service at the funeral calling hours whenever possible.  

With an ageing membership, but still with large numbers of members, we are called on to attend to this Corporal Work of Mercy more often that other councils.   But we do it gladly, we do it respectfully, and in so many instances, we do it with the attendance of a good number of brother knights who pay their respects as we join our deacon or leader in a brief set of prayers.

Allow me to simply remind you of what happens to get us to this Wake Service.  First, we try to be vigilant about knowing when a brother knight passes on. The grand knight is charged with speaking to the funeral director to ask the deceased member’s family if we will be welcome to offer a brief memorial service during calling hours.  Most always we are very welcome to do so.  The grand knight then establishes a time for our service – usually at7:00 pm. A small team of “captains,” for a better word, will then communicate with a list of people who have volunteered to attend these wake services when they can do so.  We meet as determined, go into the calling hours and our leader introduces us and conducts a very brief (less than 5 minutes) service, after which we present the Bible, offer our individual condolences, and when possible, share a brief memory we may have of the deceased, and then we bid the family farewell.

This service always creates a very good impression of our Order with the family and other attendees, irrespective of the number of knights participating.  However… we do need more members to volunteer for the wake service call list.  It is an important Work of Mercy we perform; and It is right and good for us to do this work. We ask those of you who we do not see very often to call and tell us you will be pleased to participate.  It doesn’t commit you to every wake (but that would be nice), It just means when we call you, you will try to be there for the family.

Then, in late November we hold our annual Memorial Mass for Deceased Members in our function room. To this Mass we invite all our members to attend and particularly we invite family members of the deceased brother knight to attend as our special guests.  During the Mass, at the time of the Prayers of the Faithful, we have a candle lighting ceremony where a family member comes forward and lights a very attractive memorial candle with the deceased member’s image and life dates nicely inscribed.  We then enjoy a light dinner cooked by our members and we share a story or two about us and about the deceased member.  The family member takes the candle home with them and we then all depart.

Brothers: your membership in our Order is important to you, and at times like this, it becomes important to others.  Please contact Brian Magrane 781-864-8924. Call or text for more information or to volunteer.

PGK Brian Magrane